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January 2018

There is a drop in class January 3, 2018 join us!! buy a pass here

Registered classes start January 8 – some classes fill fast! sign up here



Day Retreat  December 30, 10 am -1pm

look back at 2017 with pride and compassion, welcome 2018 with intention and hope

This mini retreat will cover three areas

mindful strength, self care and relaxation, personal inquiry and growth.

come and get a personal plan for 2018.

register here


People are saying...

 “Every teacher brings something unique to their classes.  You bring laughter, warmth, happiness, knowledge and sharing.  That’s a lot of attributes to find in one single teacher.”     Ginny

“Yoga with you has given me a renewed confidence and greater flexibility than I ever expected to enjoy again. Thank you.” – Janet

Feeling old is optional.

Prapti Yoga offers classes, retreats and online programs for optimal wellness.

Grounded in Hatha Yoga, but heavily inspired by functional fitness and natural movement, the emphasis at Prapti Yoga is on feeling good, gaining strength and staying injury free.



Based in Calgary Alberta for classes, I travel with students to the mountains of BC and the beaches of Mexico for retreats. Online yoga programs are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Many of us are at a turning point: We can either take care of ourselves now and continue to grow and thrive or we can give up and declare ourselves ‘to old’ to do new things.

We can stay vibrant, limber and agile or complain about our aching back and lack of energy. 

Which will you choose?

The practices of yoga are an intelligent and inspiring way to care for your Self.  At Prapti yoga we cultivate grace in movement, elegance in posture and steadiness in mind and heart. 

We work hard, but I know you are not 20 anymore. I focus on the ways your body needs to move to stay healthy. Getting up and down from the floor with ease, balancing while moving and a strong core are important parts of my teaching. 

I promise you will not be bored. I promise I will never ask you to do stuff like put your foot behind your head. I promise to make you laugh and feel welcome. I promise you will feel more at home in your body than you have in years. 

If you want to move with grace, confidence and joy through life, 

Join us.

Want to try a class ?

Just select the class that suits your schedule and drop in.  Please come about five minutes early so we can meet and say hello.

Or feel free to contact me to ask which class is right for you.

Find out more about Kathy Dodd and Prapti Yoga.

Classes are held at the Haysboro Community Association 1204 89 Ave SW

New to yoga? Read our FAQs here.

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