Yesterday I taught a mini-retreat that included movement, self massage, time to reflect and most importantly – snacks.

We also took some time at the end of the retreat to answer these quick questions – (we didn’t spend more than about 20 minutes on the whole exercise) I will keep my answers for the year to remind me of what felt important now….

Let me know if you try it and how it goes!

Reflecting on last year

1.One thing I’m proud of  __________.

2.Two things that made me happy __________.

3. I was challenged by__________.

4. I regret __________.

5. I accomplished __________.

6.I took care of myself by __________.

7. I wasted time/energy on __________.

8. I’m grieving __________.

9. I’m angry about __________.

10. I’m grateful for __________.


Looking forward to the new year

1. One thing I’m excited about__________.

2. Two things I plan to do this year__________.

3. I’m worried about __________.

4. When things don’t go as planned I will __________.

5. I wish for __________.

6. I will take care of myself by __________.

7. Once a day I will__________.

8. I will show myself compassion by __________.

9. This year I want to add more __________ to my life.

10. I will focus on __________.

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