Hello Fellow Traveller!

This is a “3 favorite things”  blog entry.

It is a monthly diary of things I am loving – I figure if Oprah can do it so can I!

These posts are meant to be light hearted and fun – I am not getting compensated in any way for talking about these products.

A girl can dream though, and if it happens you will be the first to know!




So this is the thing that started me thinking about a favorite things post. No fewer than 4 people recently asked what bra I wear. First of all thanks! I think 🙂

So here it is – a fairly inexpensive boxed bra from Warners. It is style #2544. I recently got it in a very nice navy colour.

warners bra #2544


So the next thing I’m loving is ‘athletic’ shirt from – yes – Joe Fresh. It is flattering, the fabric is light and cool to wear, and yes its in navy too! Hey, its a small step away from the beloved black . It’s $19 and I think they still have them as of the writing of this post. I just  hope the workers who made it got paid a fair wage!

joe top navy sleeveless


The third thing on my list is from my trip to Mexico. Its wrinkle cream! Retinol is a highly potent form of vitamin A and is VERY effective as a wrinkle cream. It is expensive and requires a doctor’s prescription here in Canada but not in Mexico! You can buy it in three strengths at the airport pharmacy in Mexico for about $40 – no prescription. It is not for those who are pregnant or could get pregnant and you should go slow and build some tolerance or irritation can develop.

But this stuff really works. Just sayin. Read about it here. 

Retinol cream

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