Three things I like this month – May 2016

FYI – I am not affiliated with any of the companies below – but if you share these blog posts, I might get free stuff someday. 🙂 


Foster Grant trifocals. (pictured above) These are drugstore glasses you can get for about  $35.

They have a reading strength on the bottom, a computer strength for the middle and clear on top. I hate taking my glasses on and off a million times (grocery shopping for example!) and wearing these solves my problem. They fit ok (try them on first) , I think they look fine and for the price, you can have a couple of pairs.

Fitbit. A movement tracking device you wear on your wrist. Fitbit is a brand name and there are other brands out there so do your research. My Fitbit model (the most basic) measures movement, and sleep. Both of these things are MAJOR components of well being. I admit that I respond to the challenge of reaching 10,000 steps every day, or getting 8 hours of good quality sleep. You might not wear it always but what can be measured, can be improved.

magnesium powder

Magnesium Citrate Powder. Speaking of a good night’s sleep, I have been using this easily absorbed magnesium powder before bed as part of a going to bed earlier strategy. It dissolves in warm water and tastes good. Magnesium helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins and helps maintain proper muscle function. Deficiency in magnesium can lead to muscle tension and trouble sleeping. Check with your doctor for any possible drug interactions or contraindications before using. I bought mine at Planet Organic

what are some of your favorite things this month?

thanks for reading,


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