New beginnings! Isn’t this what nature is telling us that spring is all about?

Winter can take its toll on even the most optimistic among us, and the extra baggage can be hard to shake.

To change your winter time habits requires a shift in your perspective. To change your body you must first change your mind.

1. Get a fresh start and shake things up. I recently went on a short vacation and it rejuvenated my mind, heart and body. Doing something active like a ski trip or yoga retreat jump starts healthy habits. Now, I know that not everyone can take a vacation but as my mother would say ‘would it kill you to take a day off?’ Take a day in the middle of the week (no errands!) and spend the morning in Fish Creek park or any of the other beautiful urban parks we have in Calgary. Being in nature is a proven stress reliever and the vitamin D boosts your immunity. Next, treat yourself to a massage and take yourself (and someone you love if you like) out to dinner. By the end of your ‘stay-cation’ you will be looking at things in a whole new light.

2. If you have not tried green juices and smoothies, now is the time. Nature provides us with bitter greens in the spring that will help detoxify the liver and other organs. If you don’t have a juicer, try out one of the juice bars to see if juices are right for you then dig in!

3. Walking. Outside. If you are walking with proper alignment and moving briskly, it is one of the best forms of exercise out there. Keep it simple and combine with a stretching and strengthening activity like yoga and you are on your way!

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