FAQS for retreats

Can I come on my own?


I have more and more single people coming.  I love this!  we need ways for singles to go on a fun, safe, and authentic vacation with a small group of like-minded people.  You will have as much or as little interaction with the other participants as you want to but every time I have gone solo on a retreat I make the best buddies! 🙂

“What could be better than yoga and sunshine? I got stronger than I thought I could in six days, met new friends and had a great time!” Mexico 2016 participant

Do you have to be good at yoga to come?

Nope! I have had folks who had never done yoga before who came and had an amazing time. In fact, they told me it was an awesome way to learn yoga. With individual attention from me, consistent practice and either a day, weekend or week to focus on yourself you will be surprised at how far you can come!

Will I be exhausted from all that yoga?

Actually I have found the opposite to be true! The yoga sessions go by so fast, and your body starts to really crave it. I have heard people say its the best they have felt in a very long time. The sessions range from very active to restorative and meditative. If you want to kick start a healthy habit – a retreat is a great way to do it.

What if I have food restrictions?

NO problem. Just let us now when you register and we will take care of you. Our menus can be adjusted for vegetarians, celiacs and gluten or dairy free folks.

What if I want a single room?

All our overnight retreats have a single room option. Register early to avoid disappointment!


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