1. We are all in this together. You have probably heard this saying before, but sometimes you have an experience that makes it easier to remember. This retreat was of those times.  Remember how the best camp experiences were those in which you felt seen, accepted, and part of the group?  (i’m not you, i’m something like you, i’m nothing but you)  This group had some really great chemistry and I want to acknowledge, celebrate and thank you for that!!!

2. Yoga is hard work.  We learned this week that although even a little yoga goes a long way, a week of yoga can take you even further. Many of you told me that you felt great and slept well during our retreat. The poses challenge not only your flexibility but your strength, balance and endurance. Yoga will challenge you as much as you choose to let it. Yoga will meet you where you are and will work no matter where you start. But showing up is hard and showing up for 6 days in a row is hard work that pays off big time. You improve by leaps and bounds. Persistence and practice are key.

3. Loteria can be a very rowdy game. I went to bed early and had my headphones on so I didn’t hear it all but I know the house was shaking with laughter.

4. “All things excellent are both difficult and rare.”*  Not everything is going to be the best. Not every yoga class is equal to every other yoga class. Even in my teaching, I’m not always going to teach an outstanding class. Not from lack of care or trying, it’s just how it is. So we we pay attention to our Karma (keep working at it) and stay open to Lila (grace).  On Cozumel this year I had maybe the best restaurant meal I have had in very long time. We also discovered a part of the island that had a spectacular beach and a funky bar where we happily spent the afternoon. Sounds great right? I won’t go into every detail of our journey to get there but suffice to say it involved a crazy ferry ride, getting lost in the ‘backwoods’ of the Cozumel jungle, dodging boatloads of cruise ship tourists wearing balloon hats, renting a sketchy hotel room (hello bugs) getting our money back on said hotel room (thanks Liz), finding another acceptable hotel room and driving around the island twice.

     And yes that is gold shimmer sprinkled on top.

kristina's dessert  Pictured above – cream cheese ice cream with almond paste and cookie crumble 

cozumel side plankside plank variation at Puenta Sur on Cozumel

FYI – If you travel to Cozumel I recommend the following; walk onto the ferry, hire a cab to Puenta Sur, stay in the Hacienda   San Miguel and eat at Local 707.

5. Los Moranos should be serialized.  For those of you who don’t know, we had some big time movie folks entertain us one morning during the retreat. What happens to Captain Vindaloo???   stay tuned…

los moranos

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