I just returned from a week of yoga training and retreat in northern California. I am feeling blissed, energized and supremely grateful.

I have been to quite a few retreats, so I  want to share with you five things to expect before you go on a yoga retreat.

1. You will be apprehensive before you go. Ok maybe even freaking out a little. The anxiety will be surprising since you are going on a YOGA retreat. It is supposed to be relaxing. But instead you may be thinking; will they like me? will everyone there be: younger, thinner, more flexible, better dressed (insert your own here). Will everyone be ‘better’ at yoga than me?  Well, some people were better at the yoga postures than I was and it honestly did not matter. Once you get there, you start to focus on loving yourself and (mostly) stop comparing. Trust me.

2. You will make friends. The atmosphere at a yoga retreat should encourage bonding and my experience is that you meet new people you really like. Right now I find myself thinking about my new pals and smiling. This has never not happened to me. Everyone is usually of like mind and hey – you have the yoga in common right?

3. You will learn stuff about yourself and your body. You and your one precious self. These insights are magical, even if they are sometimes sobering. Everything from – ‘wow, I am so tight in my right hip’ to ‘I just had a little cry in relaxation pose and it felt really releasing.’

4. You will feel good. Maybe not till day two or three and if you are on a week retreat, day four is my favorite. You will notice how nice it is to have someone cook for you and eat really good, healthy nourishing food. And clean up for you afterwards. Need I say more?

5. You will return with a wider perspective. Like any good trip, you should return changed, opened and a little shaken up. I have a renewed perspective and I have renewed commitment to my yoga practice.  Now if I can just hold on to a little of that retreat bliss….


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