I love living in Haysboro and I hope to live here for a long time.  Just today as I shoveled my sidewalks, I thought about how much strength it takes to keep up with your own property!  If you are in your 40’s or 50’s, you need to start a program of both strength and resilience. You need yoga! If you are in your 60’s and 70’s, you need to continue to stay mobile. You also need yoga! Yes, I know I am sounding a little biased.  I have been teaching yoga at the Haysboro Community Hall for a little over five years, and it has been a great journey. Here are some tips for staying strong during our great Canadian winters, as well as words from your neighbours about how yoga has added value to their lives.
Haysboro resident and yoga student Cheryl Eastcott recently wrote to me about her yoga journey (read full story at praptiyoga.com)
“I practice daily any of the poses I can fit into my life: twisting from the waist as I shovel snow, walking equally on each leg so as not to slip, keeping my toes facing forward (and not in my usual penguin walk), squats to pick up groceries. Yoga has made a tremendous difference in my life.  It keeps me lithe, and it has really helped with headaches, pain, depression and daily stress.  ”
Our core strength and flexibility can start to wane at any time and for many reasons.  To much time at your desk or commuting, inactivity due to caring for kids or elders,  injury or illness , all these lead to imbalances in your body.  It is never to late (or to early) to address these imbalances. If you are still capable of movement – use it! For example, shoveling snow is an exercise in bending, lifting and twisting while still staying stable through your torso. Core strength is key! Try this twist to build stability and flexibility and keep changing sides every two shovels.

Staying upright while staying mobile during the winter season is a constant struggle for all of us. We know we need to move and getting dressed warmly and taking a walk is a good way to get fresh air and exercise. But the snow and especially the ice creates conditions in which falling is a real concern.  As Karen Donahue says “I am a senior who needs to think about flexibility and balance in order to continue a happy independent life. I’m so glad I have found the sunday yoga class which is allowing me to work toward these goals in a challenging, fun,and welcoming environment.”
Try the tree pose for balance and stability.

Winter holidays provide lots of yummy opportunities to sit and eat. Find something that gets you moving! As Irene Langille says,
“It is easy to get lazy about looking after yourself with all the demands in life. I have committed to yoga twice a week and in just 3 months I feel so much better   – physically and my overall spirit!”
Prapti yoga runs four different yoga classes a week in the lower hall of the Haysboro community center. The classes range from the Wednesday night drop in classes which are a challenging work out, to the Sunday classes that are more appropriate for the beginner or the physically challenged.

Here is wishing you a healthy and active winter !

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