Mexico retreat participants speak

Here is some of the the 2016 retreat Feedback

“This yoga retreat was a wonderful way to deepen my yoga practice, correct my alignment and have a great time! I have had a sore and very tight shoulder for about a year and this retreat really helped me learn some ways that I can help myself to get relief. The accommodations were lovely and the food was very delicious. It was a wonderful way to spend a week with my husband and a great group of friends.”

“Kathy is very knowledgeable about yoga and anatomy and always offers modifications for difficult poses. The improvement I experienced in one week really motivates me to maintain a daily practice.”

“A yoga retreat is a great way to really improve your yoga practice and to meet a diverse group of people with a common interest. A retreat in Mexico is all of this plus an opportunity to safely travel to an exotic location with a group without having to get on a tourbus!!”

“I liked the mix of people and the of course the yoga.I like vacations where there is a routine and structure to the day, but also lots of free time.”

Here is some of the 2015 retreat Feedback

“Thank you Kathy for a wonderful respite from the busyness of life at home. It was a real treat to be able to focus on wellness without distractions.”

“It was worth every penny , physically and emotionally , way to do things Kathy! Thank you soooo much…..”

“You pulled it off!! The more distance I get from the experience the more I appreciate just how amazing it really was. Such a great balance of good folks coming together to do what we love in such a peaceful nourishing setting. We are so lucky!! Lila rules! 😉 Thank you!”


I asked our respondents: How did the experience differ from what you expected?

“It was better than I hoped. I really enjoyed the light approach to yoga: hard practice but do what you want days. Having some drinks etc was a nice thing to be able to do w/out feeling bad.”

“It was much more fun; the yoga felt even better; I learned more; met some fantastic women; it was much more lighthearted without compromising the quality of the teaching.”


I also asked them, would you recommend this to a friend?  all of those who responded said YES!  (thank you and i hope you do:)

“Definitely. I loved the experienced of being immersed in the practice for a few days. It was also fun meeting and getting to know like minded folks.”


I then asked, how has it changed your yoga practice since you have returned?

“Reinforced the magic/power of a multi-day yoga workshop; has made me miss having a teacher so I might actually go find one; I can approach some poses differently because of things I learned”

“I feel much more stamina in my everyday work and activity…I am integrating more pose in my everyday movement.”

“I am conscious of certain ways I tend towards that I want to change and I want to incorporate more yoga into my life.”


Finally I wanted to know, How did your body feel after that much Yoga?  the answers were pretty consistent

“Incredible!!!! I never though I would be able to do all the sessions and I did it”



“Tired but also invigorated.”

“It felt like I had worked hard and was pampered at the same time.”



thanks to everyone who made this yoga retreat (or is it a yoga vacation? ) a huge success.

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