Personal Consultations

Is a personal consultation right for you?

Are you very busy and can’t make it to class?

I can come to you at your office or home! Let me assess your needs and together we can come up with a plan for you to work on at home. Follow up correspondence and videos included.

Do you like yoga but want to know if you are doing it ‘right?’

I can give you valuable feedback on your postures and form and teach you the correct form of the posture so you can attend any yoga class with confidence.

Have you been told you have to correct your posture after being to a physiotherapist ?

I can help with re-patterning your body and your habits so you don’t end up back in surgery or physio. I can work with the other members of your health care team so you have a clear path to being strong and stable in your body.

Everyone has areas of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we need just one or two private sessions to get ourselves on track.

Check out the email I received from a student recently below.

Since 2008 I have been on journey to correct some pronounced external rotation  and have come a long way. I’ve also had a ton of physio and phototherapy to tighten  up loose ligaments in the S.I. joint, which has been hugely successful.

It was determined that I wasn’t using my glutes at all when I walk, so I was wearing through those ligaments, and had incredibly tight hip flexors, and of course, a very unhappy psoas. After your class on sunday, I am finding when my hips are back, the glutes naturally engage. This is thrilling for me!!! 🙂

I’ve been deliberately engaging my glutes when I walk, and I think I’m aware of the hip flexors lengthening as I do this. One shouldn’t even know one has a psoas tendon in my opinion! I’ve reduced my physio appts to once every 3-4 months from once a week at the height. It all gets rather expensive, which is inconsistent with retirement which is only a few years away!

I love the hip flexor/quad stretch you demonstrated in the “yoga in your living room” video and I’m trying to do it every day…thanks so much!


1/2 hour – $70
1 hour- $100
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