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Prapti Yoga Retreats

A private villa on a beach that stretches for miles.

A cross country ski lesson by a world class instructor.

Kombucha and ice cream floats.



These are a few things that make prapti yoga retreats famous.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and delight you.

We take the yoga seriously but we don’t take ourselves to seriously. We believe in effort, intention and a healthy dose of loving acceptance. We like to laugh. We love to help modify a pose, answer individual questions and generally take good care of you during the practices.

We travel within Alberta and BC to stay close to home and enjoy the mountains. We travel to Mexico or Cuba to get some sun and latin culture. Get insider service and advice on everything from packing to the best trails and sights in the area. Our retreats are vacations with lots of movement, lots of relaxation and you get completely taken care of by the best.

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Yoga and Cross Country skiing at  Nipika Eco resort  January 19 -22  2018 

This is a retreat you will not want to miss, we had so much fun last year – we are already half full as folks are returning and bringing friends with them!

We are going to get a ski lesson from a very experienced guide and then have access to hundreds of Kms of some of the best groomed trails in the world to ski on!   Combined with yoga, this winter vacation will get you outside and take you inside 🙂   Suitable for those who have never tried cross country skiing as well as those who are veterans. There are many different types of trails, from beginner to intermediate to advanced on the Nipika property. There is also a cozy yoga space in the upper loft of the barn to practice the art of yoga, meditation and relaxation.


  • 3 nights shared accommodations in cozy cabins
  • all your meals
  • a ski lesson  (a two hour group lesson)
  • two yoga practices a day plus an optional meditation in the mornings
  • personal attention for your yoga practice
  • access to hundreds of kilometres of groomed trails for snowshoeing or skiing.

Nipika is a ecologically sustainable resort outside of Radium that runs on solar powered batteries, propane, firewood and the hard work of the folks who work there. It is a welcoming and charming place with a number of large cabins. These cabins have various configurations in terms of rooms. There are single rooms, rooms with two twin beds (doubles) and “loft” beds. The loft beds are not actually in a loft but are cozy beds that are less private (not in a contained bedroom). There is a bathroom with a shower in each cabin. Each cabin may house up to 5 people.

Single occupancy – $1165

Double occupancy – $965

Loft    –                     $915

Hold your spot with a $350 deposit here.

Join us!   See some pictures from our last Nipika retreat on Instagram


The fresh air,  the mountains, the great food…it was perfect. I have already recommended this retreat to friends!


This was my second Prapti Yoga retreat, and I can’t wait for the next one. This retreat was my favorite because of the location and because Lyle was such a great host. I loved the rapport amongst the group, the communal dinners and the loft yoga studio.


The mix of activities was excellent! I loved the hike and yoga practice in the barn was memorable.

Nipika retreat participants

“Being my first experience to yoga, I was quite apprehensive about it. I had bowed to peer pressure and agreed to come. It completely surpassed my expectations. Jo and Kathy were amazing. It ended up being the perfect way to introduce yourself to yoga with the two instructors. They were so wonderful and welcoming. I was afraid I would feel like I was holding things up but they never let that happen. Would go again!”


Kathy developed the yoga practices in an evolutionary manner so by the end of the week we had all improved our flexibility, stamina and awareness.

Mexico participant 2017

These retreats are right for you if

*you crave great experiences instead of more stuff

*you like authenticity and having the ‘insider scoop’ when you travel

*you want to be well taken care of and not treated like just another tourist

*you like a bold adventure with a small group of like minded people

 This retreat might not be for you if 

*you want a silent retreat. while silent retreats are wonderful, our retreats are about connection, joy, laughter and fun

*you want a ‘boot camp’ experience. we love a a good yoga glow and you will fall into bed each night a good tired but we are all about pleasure, self love and a strong but sustainable practice, not ‘whipping’ your body into shape.

*you prefer a big name hotel chain with an all you can eat buffet over a private cabin or villa with fresh made to order meals. you know those all-inclusive resorts with wrist bands? ya – you won’t be wearing one of those. 


When I go on a yoga retreat, each day I’m there I feel more relaxed, a little more spontaneous and little more…myself.

My wish for you is that you feel taken care of and that you learn more about taking care of yourself.

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