You are invited to summer yoga camp 2016!

click here to get all the yoga classes! Its not to late to join us.

8 weeks – 8 videos.  $19.99   start your own home practice with my help 🙂

What is it and how does this work?

I am going to make a video once a week and send you the link to watch it.

If you register, your name will go on the list to receive these videos. The link to register is at the top or the bottom of this page.

What if I have no place to do yoga? I have an ipad – how would this work?

All the space you really need is the area of a yoga mat. Perhaps there is a space in your living room or even bedroom. Put your laptop, your ipad (you can prop it up) or even your iphone in front of you where you can listen and see if needed. You may even develop your own dedicated yoga spot. Mine is in my living room but hey – i’m single. 🙂



I just won’t do yoga unless I have an appointment like a class.

I understand this one. I do much better with accountability built in. That is why I will ask you to hit reply to the email once you have done the class. I’ll keep track and if you complete all the classes by the end of the program – you will receive a prize! (more on this later)

Doing yoga online is so easy and convenient, no driving! It can be made to fit your schedule. Online practices will never replace classes (I hope) but its great way to get more out of your classes by practicing more than once a week. Try it!


Check out some of my student’s home practice ideas and spaces !

outdoors and behind a couch – love it

Whether you have an i-pad, a smart phone a lap top or a plain old desk top you can make this work!

Why Wait?  This program starts July 9th 2016.

8 classes for $19.99

Click here to register and pay.

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Welcome! thank you for joining us.

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