Having just returned from teaching my first international retreat in Mexico, I am reminded of how much I love the place. The people, the culture the food, the weather – it is one of my favorite places in the world.

I started traveling young and I first went to Mexico when I was 19 years old! My boyfriend had a camper van and we traveled down through the states and made our way around Mexico for the next 6 months. I got to know many spots that I have returned to, first with my family and now with my yoga friends. On one trip with my family about 8 years ago, we spent time in Tulum on the Caribbean side of Mexico and we visited a town called Akumal about 23 kilometers from Tulum. I loved the snorkeling, the small, friendly vibe and the restaurants we tried.

So when it came to visioning a place I wanted to take my yoga students – I thought of Akumal, and it was just perfect. Akumal is a place you can relax and enjoy the ocean, the beach, the warmth but also interact with Mexican culture, walk with ease and safety, and get a taste of how proud Mexicans are of their heritage and culture. This is not an all inclusive gated compound with wrist bands and impersonal buffets.

We rented a Villa right on the ocean with room enough for 12 to 15 people and we were not let down when we walked into the place. It was spectacular and could not have been more perfect for our needs. We had the whole house to ourselves and ate meals and did yoga on the covered porch facing the ocean. The pool was amazing but there was so much else to do!

My favorite things were these

1. I gotta say the Yoga practice is number one.  I was very proud of the teaching and the studentship that took place at the retreat. We got a lot of great practices in and i really felt everyone left with a greater understanding and love for their bodies.

2. The snorkeling. Akumal has some of the best and easiest places to swim and snorkel. The Caribbean is warm and so inviting I even took a midnight swim with my amigas one night (but don’t tell my kids!)

3. The bike I rented for the week. For a very reasonable price (about $20) I rented a bike for the week and it was so fun! It was an old    model but it had a basket and I just rode up and down the length of the beach some days to feel the breeze on my skin.

4. The hammocks at the Villa. Every room includes a hammock and one afternoon (we have a long break in the afternoon) I wrapped myself in the cocoon of the hammock and set it to rocking. Who doesn’t love to be rocked to sleep? Best. Nap. Ever.

5. Being in the company of wonderful people, all of whom I got to know a little better. In the end, its the relationships one remembers the most. Thanks to all those who joined me on this fantastic trip!!

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