“You have been the best yoga instructor we have ever had.”

“What difference has a regular yoga practice made? All the difference in the world.  No matter what my week has been like, or how I am feeling, I always know that a Wednesday night yoga class is going to make me feel better.  Sometimes better is feeling; stronger or more centered or more balanced or more focused or more agile or even proud. You never quite know what better will be, but I can tell you that I’m always glad that I made the effort.”  Sarah

“When I reflect back on when I made a commitment to yoga, there was a clear turning point. After getting more into a routine of attending on average two to four classes each week, the sessions become something I would not want to miss. Gone are the days of having to push myself out the door to the gym or fitness classes. I so look forward to yoga classes not only for the great workout, the safe methods used that build overall strength and stamina, and the spiritual and body awareness, but also the companionship with other ‘yogis’ is a great bonus. I’m not saying it is easy and that I dont have to reconnect with my commitment now and then, but the benefits are so tangible they can’t be ignored. I’m at my best when I’m in this routine and I think most in my family would agree!”    Janice

“I don’t know what I’d do without yoga. I have had a series of health challenges and have always been able to fall back on yoga to build strength, maintain balance, and improve my flexibility. Yoga provides infinite ways for me to challenge myself. In addition to the many physical benefits, yoga is my Prozac. It helps me manage stress and it lifts my mood. Now, if I could just get myself to do it on my own at home….:)”      Annie

“The difference my yoga practice with you has made in my life … I now know that I have the power to heal myself. That I am capable of a tremendous freedom in my body. The invitation is always there for me and when I accept the invitation it is deeply satisfying. I have learned a tremendous amount about my body and it’s functionality. Body awareness, especially alignment, has changed my life after many years of chronic pain & injuries. I am not pain-free 100% of the time but who is!I am also committed to my practice due to my fantastic yogi and the community of wonderful men and women I practice with. ”  Teresa

Cheryl’s story;

“My yoga journey.

A few years ago, whilst caring for an aging, feeble mother, it dawned on me that I wasn’t getting any younger or fitter, watching her age and get less and less able to do participate in life. Scared the hell out of me!!

After a bad car accident I tried yoga many years ago and hurt myself on my first class – I didn’t go back until I joined Kathy’s class 5 ½ years ago. Many things about her classes resonate with me. Specifically that we need to keep “fit” with yoga to enable us to grow older more gracefully. I’ve taken a lot of what Kathy has said to heart – I wish I could force myself to have a daily private practice at home and that may come one day, but for now I “live with yoga” in my daily life.

When I awaken in the morning the first thing I do is a full long body stretch in bed. Then I hobble to the bathroom and have a shower. As I dry off I practice many things that Kathy has taught. I do a balance pose on each leg as I dry off, many forward folds as I dry my hair and lotion my skin, some hip stretches as I dry my hair bending one knee and pulling each hip back in turn, and a couple warrior three poses also, using my vanity to cheat and keep me stable as I try to keep my hips even and stretch out one leg at a time (even sneaking in a couple of table poses), again as I dry my hair. They just sneak into my daily living. I enjoy trying to make a pose I learned in class fit into what I’m doing at home or work, it’s amazing how the poses are really all about life’s little problems, especially as we get older.

When I am not feeling well and my old back and hips are acting up I do stretches and perhaps a Sun Salute or two to try and distract my body from its aches and pains and turn it towards how wonderful it feels when I am stretched out. One of the things that stands out for me was Kathy telling us about getting up off the floor and that it was a way to tell how old you were going to get, depending on how much support you needed to get up off the floor. The first time she told us that story (and made us get up off the floor) I needed 2 hands to get up – I thought that was pretty good, but now it only takes me one hand and even that is only a touch for balance!! I also stand up from sofas and chairs without support (pushing myself out of the seat).

Although I do not have a daily practice, I practice daily any of the poses I can fit into my life: bending into a lunge or two to get items from cupboards, twisting from the waist as I shovel snow, walking equally on each leg so as not to slip, keeping my toes facing forward (and not in my usual penguin walk), stretching high and “chest up” to strengthen my back, and squats to pick up groceries and my grandchild (although he’s growing so fast, soon he’ll be picking me up) – all while holding the mid-line.

Yoga has made a tremendous difference in my life. I hate to miss a class and seriously feel it if I do have to miss a class. They keep me lithe and get rid of headaches, pain, depression blues and daily stress. As far as I’m concerned, taking these classes will be a lifelong activity.”

“Kathy is a remarkable teacher. Her instructions are clear, concise and compassionate. She provides superb examples of each pose and encourages and enables her students to do their best”  Frances Wright

“I REALLY LOVE your class – just so you know 🙂
Every class is just excellent!!!! ”  Carmen”

Yoga has given me a renewed confidence and greater flexibility than I ever expected to enjoy again.  Thank you.”  Janet


“I came away from the retreat feeling a deep sense of empowerment.
I had been feeling defeated by symptoms of menopause  and through the weekend began to realize anew that I am capable of having influence over my body & this stage of life.
I felt exhilarated to be completely pain free after the restorative yoga and to find that deep meditative state that I have experienced in the past & thought might be lost to me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart:)”

It was a great weekend filled with lots of positive energy, wonderful ladies, and awesome meals! Thanks for everything!!

The weekend was a lovely mix of yoga/meditation, camaraderie and unstructured time. It was both energizing and relaxing. Thank you

I would return to a Kanaskis yoga retreat with you two in a heartbeat. Thank you for the opportunity for this new experience. Ginny

A weekend of yoga was just exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself. Reaching in to nurture myself through the yoga practice, through restorative poses, to connect with what my body is up to and get out of my head was a welcomed retreat. Add to that the amazing location, the mountains and scenery to gaze at, the quaint and welcoming village to wander in and shop in, the company of women sharing the experience topped off with amazing food cooked for us morning noon and night. A weekend of tremendous value and I left feeling a renewed vigour and commitment to my yoga practice. Thank you Kathy and Jo

“I learn something new every class, and i love that you don’t take yourself or yoga to seriously – it keeps it upbeat and fun.”  Annie

“Hey Kathy
Since 2008 I have been on journey to correct some pronounced external rotation and have come a long way. I’ve also had a ton of physio and phototherapy to tighten up loose ligaments in the S.I. joint, which has been hugely successful. It was determined that I wasn’t using my glutes at all when I walk, so I was wearing through those ligaments, and had incredibly tight hip flexors, and of course, a very unhappy psoas. After your class on sunday, I am finding when my hips are back, the glutes naturally engage. This is thrilling for me!!!   🙂 I’ve been deliberately engaging my glutes when I walk, and I think I’m aware of the hip flexors lengthening as I do this – One shouldn’t even know one has a psoas tendon in my opinion!   I’ve reduced my physio appts to once every 3-4 months from once a week at the height. It all gets rather expensive, which is inconsistent with retirement which is only a few years away!   I love the hip flexor/quad stretch you demonstrated in the “yoga in your living room” video and I’m trying to do it every day…
thanks so much – ”

“For me Kathy Dodd has been an exceptional instructor. Her approach is so effective…Kathy’s calm demeanor and excellent listening skills allows each student to feel welcome and involved in the class. The classes are well suited to each individual. Kathy always takes the time to explain each posture so well, and the modifications that Kathy shows allow one to continue to feel challenged as one progresses.
With humour and a wonderful, warm, kind, and understanding spirit she leads us through our sessions. I am grateful to be her pupil.”
Mat Peters

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