I recently went to a place in Mexico that held a lot of memories.

The first time I went 30 years ago I was a kid (only 12! just kidding)

The second time I went I was a mom with two young kids.

The third time was this February. A 50 something yoga teacher with fabulous students.

(see more pictures here)

It was hard to not look back at who I was and who I had become.

I wrote this one night as I lay in my bed – hoping to sleep but I was so full of questions I had to write them down.

Warning – this post contains more questions than answers.

How do you age gracefully and not be haunted by memories – both good and bad?

How do we honour the memory of a loved one without living in the past?

How do we live in the moment without being pulled in the direction of regret?

Who really lives a life without regret?

How do you keep hope and gratitude alive?

How do you reconcile hope with the loss one inevitably experiences at mid-life?

We all have a past. Hopefully we also have a future. That future can seem scary at times – we are no longer naive enough to think it will be easy.

We have all tried and failed at something.

We have all lost someone we loved.

Things may have not turned out the way we wanted them to.

We no longer have the same physical form we once had, no matter how fit we are.

All this and now we may be attempting to re-invent ourselves. Children who have been our lives leave. Work may be winding down. Things that seemed so important don’t matter anymore.

We ask ourselves this:

Who am I now?

What do I want out of life?

What is possible for me?

The answers are unique as we are. The time and the space to answer these questions are invaluable. This is why I travel. This is why I do retreats. Transitions are hard – give yourself the time and space to think about them. 

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