Welcome 2017!

I am headed out to the mountains next weekend for retreat that includes cross country skiing, yoga, food and great company – I can’t wait! I was thinking about my packing list and although I have been reading about the benefits of being cold (seriously) – I want to be cosy and dressed in smart layers in order to spend lots of time outside. Here are three things I am going to bring with me.

Icebreaker socks.   These particular socks shown are made for skiing but they have lots of styles and the fabulous thing about them is that they are guaranteed for life! That’s right, if they get a hole you just take them back and they will replace them. I discovered this because I have a son whose heels seem to chew through socks 🙂 When I bought some for him I told them – watch out this guy will bankrupt you. So far so good on the ones he is now wearing. They are mainly merino wool (not 100%). 

Silk Long underwear.   The newest trend in base layers seems to be the above mentioned merino wool but I love my silk long underwear. It is so warm and light and it feels really good against the skin. Mine (pictured above) is really old and is from Mountain Equipment Coop but a quick check of their website does not show it for sale anymore. (The search on their website brought me to a blog post about retro outdoor wear – ha ha) Although I have not tried them, I found this company that sells what looks like very nice washable silk for a reasonable price.

A Beautiful Scarf.   I bought mine from superstore and have worn the heck out of it. It is a classic window pane check in a flattering shade of blue. Its is so cosy I wear it indoors as a shawl sometimes too. There are so many nice scarfs out there, they can add warmth and color to your face and be very flattering I think.

So I hope you feel prepared to get outside and enjoy the magic of winter! Let me know if you have favorite winter gear!

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