This month I am in love with art. What would life be without beauty in both its light and dark forms? Creativity is part of what makes us human.

In the tradition of yoga I study we might say the three things we really want in life are sweetness, intoxication and beauty. These are the wants as opposed to the basic needs.

The sweetness of life is the love. Children, partners, pets. Intoxication is the desire to change our minds or consciousness or mood. We like the effects of alcohol or drugs or power until we remember the ‘toxic’ in intoxication.

And beauty. All art, music and literature make life so much more full and meaningful. Finding beauty in the darkness as well as the light is key to being a yogi.

The Kent Monkman exhibit at the Glenbow is up only until September 10. You must go see it if you can! I cant’t tell you how relevant this exhibit is to Canada 150. Its beautiful and dark. Its a must see.

Treasured -A collective memory bricolage. This is your chance to collaborate in a work of art! This event takes place on September 14 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This is part of Equinox Vigil (see number three) and involves the creation of a ‘memory vessel’. Michelena Bamford is an artist who does great work here in Calgary. “For this year’s Equinox Vigil, Michelena will create a large-scale memory vessel for the public to embellish with their own treasures and trinkets, creating an ongoing collaborative assemblage of materials that honour our collective Calgary spirits. Suitable items could include: buttons, brooches, china figures, crockery fragments, marbles, medallions, pins, dice, charms, coins, bottle caps, pet tags, miniatures, necklaces, pipes, pocket watches, cameos, beach glass, crucifixes, eyeglasses etc.” 

Equinox Vigil. One of the most loved and meaningful events of the year. “A free, family friendly, non-denominational scared event September 23. Equinox Vigil is a creative, respectful evening to honour the deceased and celebrate the natural cycle of Life and Death itself.” Although it sounds solemn it is also fun and a chance to celebrate those we have loved and lost. I go every year as they bring in some of the best artists to create work.

Make and support art this month!!!

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