My three favorite things this month are yummy things I have been making and putting away for winter.

I don’t have the will or attention span to can things (although I do love when other people gift me with canned things) and nothing on this list contains pumpkin. Nothing against pumpkin either – love it!

Two of these are older recipes that I come back to again and again because I crave them and one is a new ‘recipe’ for the pounds of tomatoes we got this year.

‘Sun’ dried Tomatoes. These are so good! I had a lot of roma tomatoes and I scooped the seeds out and put them on parchment paper with some garlic slivers and oregano and thyme from the garden and popped them into a 250 oven for a few hours until the are the chewiness you like. I have been using them on pasta by blending them with a little olive oil. YUM

Potstickers! This recipe (by Julie Van Rosendaal) in an old avenue magazine has become a real favorite in my family. It is a little work up front to make all the dumplings but if you have another set of hands it can go really fast. You end up with lots of dumplings which I freeze for later. I usually just pan fry them and serve but we have also had them in soups too. I use a food processer for the brussel sprouts (which I add lots of) and all the other ingredients except the pork which I mix in by hand and then put them in won ton wrappers and voila! done like dinner 🙂

Here is an incredibly similar recipe without the pork if you prefer

Salmon Cakes are another favorite. I make a large batch and freeze some of these too. The secret is the lime pickle to give them some zing – you won’t regret having this around – its delicious and it lasts forever. Pataks makes a good one. Mix everything up to the panko and the cakes will be moist – you dip them in the panko to fry and serve with the yogurt and cilantro.

bon appetite!

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