From the google dictionary, an “Entrepreneur” is “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

I am running my own business and it is an epic journey that sometimes I love and sometimes I don’t. I fantasize once in a while about getting a job. 

But I love my life the way it is right now and although I’m never going to be rich, I have good health and a passion for what I do.  That’s worth more than money anyway. Am I right? 

So this month I want to shout out to three small local businesses that I really love.

Full Bloom Herbals.

This is the business of Melanie Isles, a long time friend and yoga student. I just love her products – her teas and essential oils are amazing for so many common conditions. Melanie is also a talented teacher. She runs classes and workshops on making your own medicines – I love this series she is running right now called “Summer Apothecary Club”. If you are interested in making your own tinctures or herbal infused honey (yum!) you should get in on these workshops! Melanie is so knowledgeable about local plants and so passionate about using nature to heal us you should check her out.

Soul Passages.

This is the business of Sarah Kerr, a death doula and ritual healing practitioner. I am working with Sarah to help navigate the illness and decline of my mom who is in her 90’s. Death is a transition that is not done well lots of times in our society and we sure don’t like to talk or think about it. Until we have to. Grief and loss are things we can heal and work through only if we take the time and space to do so.

Sarah also leads these fabulous new moon rituals once a month. I have been to one and it’s powerful!

The Lovebullies.

Now for something really fun. The Lovebullies are a band that plays locally that includes my friends Joni Clarke, Chantal Vitalis and Caroline Connolly. They describe their sound as vintage rock and roll and they play some oldies, some newer stuff and some original songs. I just love going out to dance when they are playing somewhere and I think they are available for weddings and parties too! So fun – trust me. Find them on facebook here. 

Me on the dance floor? 🙂



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