Heading into fall, I have some new, gorgeous woodsy scents to wear.  I bought winter boots in June and a cute white dress this fall. I don’t buy clothes super often. I shop for things I like, that will last, that have been made ethically. I also like to get it on sale, hence the timing of my purchases.

Melange Perfume. I came across this small company from Los Angeles when I was searching for an amber fragrance. I don’t wear a lot of scents but once in a while, a girl likes to smell good. I used to use one from Kiehls but they have discontinued their roll on oils. Melange is run by a woman in LA and I liked her scent combinations. I got three solid perfumes, two of which I am keeping and one of which I gifted my daughter. The two I liked were Tobacco and Tea Noir (favorite) and Cedar, Musk and Patchouli (between the Kombucha and the Patchouli I do realize I’m actually a hippie)

Manitobah mukluks. This is an indigenous owned, Canadian company making great footwear! I bought mine online and they are really comfortable and cosy. They have a Vibram sole and they are super flexible and flat. I have not used them on ice yet but there is a picture of the sole below.


Everlane. This is a US based internet clothing company with really great classic styles. They promise quality, ethical production and pricing transparency. I ordered a four things and two did have to go back because they were not right for me so it is a pain to shop online because of this. But the two things I kept i really love. This white dress is the right cut and length for me and I will wear it on an upcoming trip south.

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