Getting in your walking/hiking in winter is tough. I will admit I have been logging less steps since I got back from Mexico in November. I’m back to it and I can’t tell you how much better I feel after a walk in nature. Can you relate?

Here are three of my favorite walks or hikes within the city limits. I like to be able to go up and down hills as much as possible to get a little more aerobic challenge but the icy conditions of winter make that a bit harder.  Don’t give up!  -there are some stunning walks that are so doable right here in the Calgary. 

Griffith Woods Park.

I just walked there today and wow! what a hidden gem. There are so many walks here!! The park is a densely wooded area of White Spruce trees and also follows the elbow river.

The parking lot is not obvious on google maps or by signage. You have to drive down Discovery Ridge Blvd. until you come to Discovery Ridge Link then turn left. Drive down past some houses and you will come to the parking lot. 

Fish Creek.

Again, so many choices. How about Mallard Point? It is at the easternmost end of the park and is a duck hangout. This walk is an easy stroll even if there is snow. The trees here are Poplars, Water Birch and Willows. You can park at the end of Canyon Meadows drive.

Britannia Slopes.

This one is a little dicy in the winter due to ice but most of the year it is my favorite go to spot to dog walk or just climb up and down to the river. It is the closest off leash area that has hills and my dog loves it there. This spot has a natural pathway down (with and hand rail) and two different stairways up. I like to mix it up going up and down stairs and pathways.   This spot has Poplars and lots of Saskatoon bushes.

To get to it you can park west of elbow drive one block behind the Britannia Shopping Center.

I hope you find a day to get out for a walk – even if it is cold – bundle up!

Ps –  Here is an interesting article about nose hill park – it takes citizen involvement to keep these areas green.

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