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This month for my favorite things list, I am back to skin care. In this post, I talked about the importance of sunscreen and that is still true in the winter. In this post I talked about my favorite wrinkle cream and I still use it consistently.

This month though I am recommending three types of moisturizers I like for the face and neck. (maybe i’ll do another post on the skin care of the body later this year)

Although I like to use ‘natural’ products, I also use a couple of more drugstore things I really like.


  1. Skin oils – “New Roots Herbal Exotic oils collection”  app. $36.00 at Planet Organic

      I usually get the “Skin Lovers” oil which is mixture of the other oils in the collection but when     

      I found this collection of four oils for the price of two bought separately – I grabbed it. The

      other oils in this collection are absolutely lovely – I especially like the Rose Hip and the

      Argan oil.   The Tamanu Oil smells a bit funny but it is thought to have many healing

      properties. I like the feeling of the oils on my skin, but they are not really like creams so it

      may take some getting use to.

      Do your nasal passages get dry in the winter? Do you suffer with more nose bleeds or sinus


      In this post I explained a little about Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) and although I am 

      not an expert, I also want to take this opportunity to talk about the Ayurvedic practice of


      You see, I like to put a little oil up my nose and in my ears during the winter months!

      For this I use pure sesame oil but my doctor told me olive oil is fine too. I just use a small

      drop in my ears at bed time and a little on my pinky finger to wipe the insides of my nostrils. I think it helps keep everything

      from drying out and it keeps things running smoothly. Lube up in winter!


2.   Kiehls Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado  app. $57.00 for 28 grams at the Kiehls store

      While I’m not sure an eye cream is completely necessary in addition to other moisturizers, if

      I get oils or certain creams to close to my eyes, they get red and itchy. This thick cream does

      not seem to migrate and I think it really does a great job of keeping the skin plump and

      hydrated. I heard about it from Lisa Eldridge, a you tube makeup star I like and have been

      using it for a year or so and love it.


3.   Polysporin Lip Health overnight lip treatment app. $6.50 for 7.7 grams at shoppers drug mart

      This one is not exactly ‘natural’ but it works so well on my dry lips in winter. You put it on at night and in the morning your lips

      are plump and soft. Love it!

Enjoy getting outside in the winter but don’t dry out!!  What are your favorite winter skin care tips?


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