Three things I love this month – July 2016

This month’s picks are fabulous but I will be the first to admit very pricey!

I will in future try to bring you things I like that don’t cost a lot as i’m sure everyone can relate to cutting back right now. The Alberta economy is not exactly booming and may not be for a while to come. Having said that, I often believe you get what you pay for. These picks are expensive but built for longevity not disposability.

Routine Deodorant.


When I first saw this locally made product I was intrigued. I am always looking to use less toxic things on my skin and I love locally made. Then I saw it was a cream and that it cost about $26.00. I thought – no way! Who would buy that? Well – first I smelled it (it comes in many different scents)  and I fell in love with this one (Like a Boss it’s called) then I tried it (from a tester) and found it really worked! I couldn’t resist so I bought it. And I gotta say I love this stuff! You only need a little and it will last for a while. I have been using it for awhile and I’m a convert.

Vitamix blender.


This is undoubtably a major purchase. These blenders cost about $700. Yes – more than my first car cost. When I bought this three years ago I was really hoping it was the right thing to do. Now I have to say I don’t this purchase for one minute. I have made so many green smoothies (instead of buying them) I think it has paid for itself. It has a seven year warranty and it blends up spinach and kale so smooth you just can’t beat it. I think smoothies are sometimes better than juicing because you are getting the pulp and the fiber that you throw out with juicing. If you like smoothies with fibrous veggies or want to throw apples or any hard fruit into your smoothies, this baby will blend it up. Check out my favorite green smoothie recipe here. Yum.

Kork Ease Sandals.

sandal side sandal top sandal feet

I recently bought these sandals after much research and after my beloved Naot sandals fell apart from many years of use. I wanted a flat sandal that had a heel strap as I know walking even with my Birkenstocks (no heel strap) makes my toes grip in a way that is not that great. i also wanted them to look good! I think these do and they are super comfy. I ordered them at Nordstroms store in Chinook mall and saved some money on shipping I think. About $172.00.

What is your favorite splurge?

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