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This is my third summer doing this program and it grows each year in scope and also in refinement.

You asked for videos you could download and I listened. You get an email each week to inspire you and remind you that- hey – yoga feels good and you should do some. 🙂

As I learn new things about movement, strength and the nervous system, my practice becomes more well rounded and I feel better and better as I get older! (for real!)

I know that strength work is key to aging well and also that ‘interval training’ has a very positive effect on the aging body.

I also know that good balance is crucial along with core strength and a regal posture. I know we need fun and relaxation and sometimes a little courage.



I have combined all these elements into a 5 week online video program.

Week one is a longer and more high energy practice. We do seven rounds of sun salutes that start with the basics and move to the more creative. 🙂 get ready for some hops and some fun plank variations.

Week two is another longer practice, this time with no sun salutes at all! We work on mobility and dive into some more natural movements. There will still be strength but more floor work and funky stuff.

Week three is all about upside down. This video is a shorter tutorial on building the strength, confidence and courage to do some safe inversions. Plus its just fun!

Week four is another add on practice to the first two weeks which are the basic practices. In week three we look at the balance practice- a shorter but focused practice to help with moving and balancing at the same time.

Week five is all about the chill. This Yin practice will take you to bliss-ville. Yin yoga uses long hold floor postures to create mild stretch in the body and can release patterns of holding and tension. Read about why you really need to relax here. 


This program combines everything you need to challenge yourself and also nurture yourself! Make this summer about getting stronger and more centered.


Enroll in Virtual yoga camp here.


$50 for the all five weeks!

Do Yoga at home when it fits your schedule.



Vanda Scaravelli on why we do yoga

“To twist, stretch, and move around , is pleasant and enjoyable, a body holiday.”

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