I recently applied for a loan to buy a used car and realized, I look terrible on paper.

They did give me the loan but it was sort of painful at points. I never think of myself as poor but my income tax returns apparently tell a different story.

I happen to be good at living within my means and I have no complaints.  In fact I love my life.

I teach something I think helps a lot of people and I almost always enjoy the people I meet doing it. I live in a comfortable home and I travel often and eat well.  I now even have a car. (It is a Honda CRV and, like me, its an older model with relatively low kilometers ;))

What more do I need?

Gandhi said “the real wealth is health” 

Mostly I am grateful to be healthy.

A guy I know from the dog park told me a saying from his country “a healthy person wants many things but an unhealthy person wants only one”

This year invest in what matters. The time you spend staying mobile, strong and less stressed is like money in the bank – maybe better!

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