“ Life goes on long after the the thrill of living is gone” John Mellencamp

How do you want to be old?

I think there are three ways to grow old.

One is is resignation.

This the way of giving in.

“I’m old! what can I expect?”  “I’m going to retire soon and do nothing!”

One is Detonation.

This is the way of getting out.

“I’m going to leave my spouse and change my life!”  “Lets blow things up-quit everything and get out”

The third way is Exploration.

This is the way of quietly questioning what does and does not work. This requires being comfortable with uncertainly without bailing or denying. It requires creativity, action and reflection.

At 54 I realize the average life span for women is 82. I have (god willing) about another 30 years ahead. I’d like to be open to how to grow as a human in those years.

Aging is a privilege not everyone gets.

How will you age?

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