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“I am not flexible at all! Can I still do yoga?”

Yoga is meant to be progressive and meet you where you are at. If you can not touch your toes, I can help you get there within one session. Over the course of a session, we can work together to help you get to a healthy range of motion with more strength and energy . You don’t have to be interested in joining Cirque du Soleil to enjoy getting more flexible, fit and resilient as you age.

“I have not exercised in quite a while. Will yoga be too hard for me?”

As with any movement program, always check with your doctor first but there are many types of yoga classes. Some classes use props and careful instruction to make sure you are doing the postures to the best of your ability. Choose a class that is geared for beginners and move on from there.

“I want a workout! Can yoga challenge me?”

Yoga practice can result in strong, resilient muscles, balance and core stability, increased focus and awareness and an expanded heart and mind. It will challenge you for the rest of your life if you keep at it ! Try a drop in class Wednesday evenings for a challenging flow practice.

“What should I wear?”

Comfortable clothing that moves with your body. Yoga is generally practiced barefoot so you don’t need any special shoes.

“What equipment do I need?”

If you have a yoga mat, bring it. I have a few mats to lend out if needed. All other equipment is provided by me. A water bottle and a smile completes your yoga kit.


If you have any other questions – please ask me here.   thanks!

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